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Credit Repair Tips

Keeping your credit score up is important in this day and age because everything we buy on credit requires us to provide them with our credit report, giving the seller information about our ability to pay our bills on time. Not everyone is lucky to have a good credit report. There are many reasons why people may have bad credit, not all of the reasons may be their fault, but at the same time, it does not exclude anyone. People who sell items to people on credit do not want …

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After the recent financial upheaval, a large number of individuals are not being able to manage their finances and thus, incessantly falling into debt. According to the latest statistics from the Federal Reserve, the total amount of debt in the U.S. stands at nearly $2.4 trillion which is expected to be worked out nearly $7,800 for every man, woman and child. If you are in a similar situation and looking for a way to come out of it, debt management is the solution.
How does a debt management plan work?
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The process of credit repair is much tougher than getting assigned a bad credit score. The significance of a poor credit score need not be emphasized as you must be aware that a poor credits core will hinder you from obtaining new and further lines of credit. As the lending industry is entirely based on your credit score, it is crucial to maintain a consistently exceptional credit score in order to get the best loan offers that are affordable enough for you.
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Q: I need to know how to remove two late payments from my credit report. Can you remove late payments to begin with? Or at least dispute them? I found a nice townhouse and applied for the mortgage, but Chase loan officer explained I have a 30 day late credit card payment from some 18 months ago and a very recent 60 day late on car loan that not even mine. I cosigned for my sister just over a year ago, she was paying fine, then she lost her job …

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Two of the best secured credit cards on today’s market for consumers with bad credit are Gold and Platinum HSBC secured credit cards. Notable highlights of the secured Visa cards include,
- no minimum income required
- annual fee waived on Platinum card
- international recognition
- long lasting rewards
Pity, because both secured cards are only available in Singapore and HSBC Asia Pacific region. If you have bad credit and live there, either card will be quite good to rebuild credit.
The HSBC Secured Visa card does not even require a minimum income to qualify. …

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Find sample credit repair letter documents in our archive – fast credit repair you can do yourself without having to pay for costly services or attorney fees.
For those that don’t have the time to write letters personally, please see our credit repair reviews page for additional information on credit repair lawyers and services.
Sample Credit Repair Letters:

Sample Credit Dispute Letter
Sample Pay for Delete Letter
Sample Debt Validation Letter